"Defiantly a love hate relationship. Chris is by far the best trainer Iv ever had !! Friendly, supportive& motivating. Thanks for every thing YOURE AMAZING!! "


“ I have trained with Chris Mooney for the past 2 years between 1-2 times per week in Wellington. Chris is one of the best trainers I have experienced and brings a multi-faceted approach to my training. Chris has trained me in kick boxing, core training, and functional strength fitness. Chris knows how to get me to train hard and get the most out of a session and also knows when to back off on an off training day. He brings a good holistic knowledge to training, diet, injury rehab, & flexibility. He is a popular & professional trainer whom I have no hesitation in recommending. I am only sorry he is moving to Auckland.”​


Nick Simcock

“ Chris introduced me to a whole new world of training – not just different types of exercise (weights, crossfit, running, bodyweight exercises, boxing, kickboxing…) but a higher intensity and calibre of workout too.  His love of exercise and determination to improve was definitely contagious. ”    


Alex Chapman

” Chris is the complete package, which is rare among personal trainers. Some are great at the technical skills; some are great at the people skills. Chris excels at both. He is a properly professional trainer, everything he recommends or programmes for people, is exactly right for each person he trains. He also truly gets that everyone has different motivators, and he takes the time to find those motivators and use them so people succeed. ” 

Bernadette Cornor

“ In the past I have joined gyms on two occasions – but each time and very quickly – stopped going. I do not appreciate what I call a 'ra-ra'/hyped up style. In contrast I found Chris’s style really compelling. His low-key approach, combined with a firm and sound direction, suited me perfectly. As a woman I felt very comfortable with, and supported by, Chris. ” 

Julie Glamuzina

“ Since I started training with Chris I have achieved a lot – I’ve dropped a lot of weight, and made really great gains in my health and fitness and I have more confidence in myself and my abilities than I ever have and this is all due to the support and loyalty Chris has shown me. Amongst the training results achieved with Chris, I’ve run a half marathon and competed in the 12km Tough Guy and Gal challenge- challenges I was never previously determined to achieve. I am fitter and stronger than I have ever been. Chris'style of training is like no other; he is tough but fair, supportive and loyal and fresh and contemporary. ”  


Jess Ross-Smith

“ Chris was my personal trainer for 2 ½ years. I found him to be attentive and able to set realistic goals.  He was approachable and friendly and I trusted him with any issues I had surrounding my physical well-being. ” 

Jim Livingston

“ Chris was a fantastic trainer who really pushed me to my limits to help me reach my fitness goals, but at the same time was patient with me when I didn’t believe in myself and the potential I had to achieve them. I have had a few personal trainers throughout the years and none of them come close to Chris’ expertise and commitment to helping his clients. ” 

Kelly Frew

“ I’ve been lucky enough to train with Chris Mooney for 3 years. I’ve enjoyed the variety of the workouts that Chris has sought to challenge me with and have seen the results and benefits of these. Chris seeks to make the sessions challenging and innovative while still ensuring that exercises are performed correctly, not only to gain maximum results but to minimize the chance of any injury. ” 


Sally Attfield

“ I trained with Chris for around 3 years in Wellington.  In terms of results, I quickly lost over 25kg, countless centimeters and body fat percentages, vastly improved my running (taking over 10 minutes off my 5km time) and I completed a half ironman; But more than that, training with Chris was FUN.  The workout is different every time – not chance to get board and Chris is a constant motivation to push myself more.  We had “games”, challenges, all sorts of different lifts, running around outside with weights and throwing kettle-bells.  The only constant was the each session was hard. ”  


Scott Ryland

“ I have had a professional working relationship with Chris Mooney and his clients for over a year now.  As a physiotherapist, it is important to me that my clients are trained in an appropriate environment.  It has become evident that Chris keeps his/my clients’ health as a priority.  Chris has always had good communication with me when he has detected an injury or even suspected potential for his client’s to sustain an injury.  During and following rehabilitation, Chris has been thoughtful to accommodate for any restriction to the normal workouts he prescribes.  From all of the client’s I have shared with Chris, I am confident in saying that they all hold him in high regard.  He had very loyal clients, to the point that when he asked them to do something like see the physio, they would trust him and do exactly as he suggested. ” 


Tim Dalman

“ I have never felt as good about myself, my training and nutrition as I do now thanks to two awesome years training with Chris twice a week. When Chris started training me he made it clear that he would work me hard but we’d have a good time. And certainly followed that mantra throughout the time he trained me.


He has never once let me down. He has patiently put up with my constant injuries and has always made an effort to understand them (e.g. choosing to go to a seminar on hip rehab when he went to a conference so he could bring me back some tips – things I still use over a year later) He was in regular contact with my physio to ensure that my training sessions were strengthening my injuries rather than aggravating them!


He was easily the trainer at the gym with the most consistent and solid client base – if he ever had space for new clients that space was snapped up quickly through referrals from his current clients!


Chris is a fantastic trainer who focuses on full body movements and pushes you to be stronger each week. I am truly devastated to have lost such an awesome trainer to Auckland and I wish him all the very best building a new client base – wherever he chooses to work will be lucky to have him! ”  


Jo Sewell